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RB Enterprises
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What is a mystery shopper?
10 important facts about Mystery Shopping
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What you will receive
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For less than the cost of a meal, you can start mystery shopping the same day that you receive your package!! Just click on the Order Now link on the left and you can quickly be on your way to "Indulging yourself.....on them!".

IN YOUR PACKAGE, you will receive all the information required to start mystery shopping today:

+ How to get selected as a Mystery Shopper
+ Best companies to shop for
+ Negotiating your rates(YES, you can set your own rates!)
+ Tips on completing assignment audits
+ How to insure companies hire you for repeat business
(I've completed assignments for companies I've never even heard of! I was referred
by OTHER mystery shopping companies.)
+ And more!

The only other materials required are:

+ Access to a computer(you have that, obviously)
+ Telephone
+ Desire to shop
+ An appetite :)

THAT'S IT!...You are ready to go! Just click on the Order Now link and get ready to shop!!